I know It’s a little late to tell the news from here, but Finger Slice is alive and kicking in the Apple App Store!

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It’s amazing the fact that it was reviewed in less than 2 hours. But that started 4 days after I submitted the game for review.

This is the first App that I submit to the iOS App Store, and my first paid App as an independent game developer. What a milestone!

So go ahead and slice some shapes 😉

I’m really excited because I think that this is the final touch to this game before publishing it.

I’ve added some Objectives to the game in order to make it more difficult/interesting, and thumbnails for each level inside the level selection state.

Here’s a video of this update:

Notice how I achieved Objective 2 🙂

In a couple of days it will surely be in the App Store review process…

My first mobile game is almost ready!

I’m talking about Finger Slice, a precision cutting game where you can prove your ability dividing objects in halves.

I plan to release a 1.0 version targeting iOS Devices and then Android, Blackberry, and whatever gadget that allows Adobe AIR applications, which is the technology I’m using right now that will allow me to publish on all those platforms with basically the same code.

More precisely I used AIR 2.5 to build this game because AIR 2.6 and above doesn’t support the device I currently own and love: an iPhone 3G.

Below, some videos worth more than what can I write about the game so far 😛 (Sorry for the video quality)

This is the game inside my macbook pro:

Here it’s running on a 4th gen iPod touch:

And on this one you can see it inside my iPhone 3G (I had to optimize the code a lot before reaching acceptable results…):

It only needs a little bit of polishing and I’ll send it right away to the Apple App Store.

Romance Dawn

Ok, here I go. I’m setting sail for a new adventure. The great adventure of independent app and game development. Only time will say if I could make a decent living from this or if I end up begging my old boss to give me my job back.  I’m not planning to become the king of the pirates, but something tells me that I’ll enjoy sailing in my little boat.

Bring it on! 🙂